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I doubt that the RI Trolley Trail will get extended to the ICC any time within the next ten years (or ever), but I am solidly hoping that it does! Unfortunately, they've lost ROW near the Beltsville MVA.

Currently the section of Rhode Island Ave that can be used as a detour for the missing link is one-way features one-way flow around the "village green". Although traffic is fairly light now and you can usually scoot through the wrong direction. Also there is a large change in pavement elevation (at least an inch) where the trail ends from the south.

Hmmm. The title of this piece got me excited, but then... Meh. In the towns with the Trolley Trail, when the locals talk about the "last section" to be finished, they usually mean the run between Franklins to Armentrout Drive (where the River Trail passes).

I'm doubtful about extending the trail north too - but it is in the 2009 PG County bike plan. The MVA isn't nearly as difficult as what's north of there, but getting north will mean a bike path along US-1.

Fernmug, I think the connector on the south end is more of an add-on to the trail and not a part of it, but I can see why that would be more exciting.

Ugg I totally thought this would be about closing the gap on the south end, connecting it to the Anacostia trails. :'(

*stares dejectedly out window

Adam, don't give up hope - SHA has given their buy-off. Last I heard, waiting on CSX........

Washcycle, if this is the plan you're referring to, then the facilities mentioned are basically already built. There already is a "mup" along Route 1 from just north of Indian Creek to Ritz Way but it's surprisingly dangerous due to road crossings (ESPECIALLY AT THE MVA), and the bike lanes along Konterra Avenue are constructed and fantastic (PG County needs to sweep their roads though).

It's also extremely dangerous crossing Indian Creek - they need to change the guard rails over the stream to make it safer for non-vehicles.

And I forgot the link...

Oh yeah look at that, though it does dead end at Indian Creek and they need a connection on Ritz Way. So maybe I'm more hopeful.

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