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If they're so sure that it's not worth it because of light use, they could change the push button so that it activates railroad-style guard arms that drop to keep car traffic off the bridge until the cyclist is all the way across. Or provide every cyclist with a police escort.

Short answer on the CLRP bike lane thing: No one but DC complies, but also, few other jurisdictions are changing the number of lanes on regionally-significant roadways (which is what is the requirement for submitting bike lanes to this CLRP - it's to run a regional air quality model that forecasts what significant system changes will do to regional air quality)

two questions:
does "complete 2019" mean DDOT projects that 9th St will be installed in 2019?
and, I was under the impression that we were only getting bike lanes from 1st to 6th st NE on K St. Am I wrong or misreading that they'll extend to 8th st?

I think that completion date is aspirational, not definitive.

IDK about 6th.

Note: Hatem Bridge is only occasionally open to bikes - weekends and holidays. So while it is legal to bike on it, only when it's not convenient for bike commuters who might want to do so to get to work.

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