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The M street news is welcome. I never felt okay biking there until I could do it with a pedal-assist Jump Bike.

Any more info on the University Park Safe Routes Plan? The town itself is pretty safe for pedestrians (except for missing sidewalks in some sections).

re M Street:

A. Of course the main thing it does is traffic calm M which is too wide, people on bikes already have Eye Street lanes
B. But Eye Street Lanes are not protected. Does this mean they won't be?
C. It makes it possible to around the terrible intersection at Eye and NJ.
D. To get across S Cap comfortably, your best bet is still Eye though. The left onto Eye at either Half or First is not great
E. This provide a protected route east all the way to 11th (eventually Va Ave is supposed to do that too?) Means less temptation to ride through Yards Park, or on the Navy Yard promenade. Solves an issue of long standing, as you will recall ;)

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