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"I'm not sure how much this will do, since the planning board doesn't have to listen to the Council"

Do you mean in this instance (it's only a letter from some members) or is this general.

As I understand it, the Council has no power over the planning board. So even a formal, unanimous vote by council would do nothing.

But, the council does appoint the planning board members.

The County Executive may have indirect power via the budgeting process. The County Executive submits proposed capital and operating budgets to the Council by January 15 and March 15, respectively. The Council then holds public hearings and deliberates on the spending and revenue proposals. By June 1, the Council must take final action on the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1. The Executive has an item veto which the Council may override by six votes. As a result of a 1996 Charter amendment, a six-year CIP is prepared every other year in the second and fourth year of an Executive/Council term.
The capital budget includes spending for construction projects such as schools and roads and is financed largely through bonds. The operating budget includes expenses for personnel, programs and capital budget debt service (principal and interest payments on the bonds).

@washcycle: I had heard that the change to abandon status quo temporary lane reduction requires $$ (more than currently budgeted for parks), and the council DOES control that (though the letter is just a letter, and it would take a council vote to block the money). ?

> The County Executive may have indirect power via the budgeting process....

Has the County Executive or anyone from his Administration said anything about this decision or his opinion of it...? Is Elrich in fact interested at all in reversing the PB vote?

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