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You all know how I feel.
I think any option other than connecting the Foundry Branch Bridge to Prospect & 37th is essentially a waste of time.

Last week, I cycled from the Palisades to Prospect St.
1) On Prospect St to Wisconsin Ave, there is parking on one side of the street at one point in the road, and then later it reverses and the one sided parking is on the other side of the street.
2) There are currently bike lanes on 33rd and 34th st that could potential connect with Prospect ST.
Right now, DDOT is not studying this area, but it certainly should be. The other other options in this area is N St.
3) The plans you blogged about above could connect to Prospect ST if GU let's DDOT do this.

Connecting that section to Canal RD sidewalk defeats the whole point of why I've been pushing for this.

And Cricky, for the 1000th time, the only way to get a bike path of Macarthur Blvd is to eliminate parking on Macarthur Blvd.

The above project would not eliminate parking.

Strange that Georgetown University wouldn't want this. The connectivity between GU and the Foxhall/MacArthur area is absolute shite. It's either Canal Road itself, a narrow, crumbling sidewalk along Canal Road, a dirt path through the park, or all the way north to Reservoir Road.

Anyway, this would present great transportation and recreation opportunities, for locals and through-users alike.

Agreed. Especially when you read about their sustainability goals, their goal to reduce SOVs, their pride in being designated a Bicycle Friendly Campus and such. Despite that they reportedly oppose the connection.

So if you're alumnae or a donor or anything, call or write them to let them know that keeping the trail away from campus is a bad idea.

Why are people attacking me? If you can get the City to fund what looks to be about a $10 million project, be my guest. I still think the odds are not that good.

I didn't mean it as an attack. I just anticipated that you would bring up Macarthur Blvd.

What is Ten Million to DC?
When its a road for cars, 10 million is nothing.
But, suddenly, when its for bikes, it is expensive.

That is called inducing. And that is why we have so little bikes vs cars.
People will use this trail if it gets restored.

BTW Not a peep from anyone in DC about spending $400 million on 295 for a new interchange....destroyed the forest over there too.

Great idea for connecting Palisades and adjacent NW neighborhoods to Georgetown and beyond (both the trail and connection to the CCT). Hard paved surface would be best.

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