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So sad that the folks who live right next to this path, and made sure it was never again to be a route for those from the other side of the park to drive on, won't get to use it for awhile.

Ironic (or something) that one of the reasons this could no longer be a car road was due to wash-outs and now the path is closed due to wash-outs. Maybe this should just be a stream left to nature.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a supporter of the War on Cars. I'm not a supporter of folks who would want public land for their private use, particularly when doing so keeps out those who don't live in the neighborhood. Same as for Purple Line opponents and those against the Palisades Trolley Trail.

It is ironic, and I agree it indicates that this always was a poor site for a road, and perhaps even any hard surfaced road-like infra.

I'm not against the Trolley Trail. I just think no one has answered the trestle funding question, and it fails without that part. What's worse, it's become the answer for car-free mobility in that area. There is no Plan B. If the Trolley Trail doesn't move forward as a complete path, what then? We should be preparing for that, only the advocates regard the very question like the Bush Administration regarded planning for post-war Iraq.

Plan B =Removing all the parking on Reservoir everthing along the D6 bus route (Q street )so you could have a bus lane and bike lane from Palisades -->Georgetown to Dupont Circle

I estimate that would remove about 100 cars.
Try getting that passed ANC 2E in Georgetown.
And then, for ANC 3D, as you suggested, removing all the parking on Macarthur Blvd.
(You'd have to figure out where'd the would park their cars if you remove them from Macarthur Blvd)

Bottom line -Both ANCs aren't going to approve it during this time period.
Weigh that against my idea which removes no parking (From the Rec center to Prospect and 37th)
is 4 miles long, has only 2 major cross streets and 1 minor one, and could connect to 6 schools along the path.

The trestle funding question: It's going to cost as much as the Anacostia Bridge to the Arboretum.

I've spent 5 years meeting GU, Councilmembers Cheh/Evans, DDOT officials, NPS and State Historic Preservation office.
If you know anyone else who is going to advocate for Plan B have them shoot me an email

One hundred parking spaces. Let's say $10 million project cost? So that's $100,000 per parking spot saved.

That's actually not totally crazy.

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