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I thought San Francisco was setting deadlines because Lyft brought a lawsuit to prevent any other ebikeshare company from the BayWheels operating area, and they have failed to meet their service level agreement. https://twitter.com/spiraltime/status/1184110180012716032 This tweet repeats Lyft want to return to service, but I wonder how much longer SFMTA are prepared to wait before revoking Lyft's operating license and allowing Uber/JUMP ebikeshare to the Bay Area. Lyft should never have been allowed a monopoly in the first place.

Frustrating and unsettling that a car company has been handed control of this important public infrastructure. We've already seen Uber hamstring the Jump service, though DC Council's bike limits (without limiting cars at all) hasn't helped.

Hoping it all works out. The fundamental physics of electric bikeshare are favorable, so it ought to work out in the long run, but in the long run we're all dead anyway.

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