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Their blueprint is also silent on creating on-street bike/micromobility facilities that are safe and comfortable for all ages and abilities.

Their blueprint also has some weasel-wording about creating choices for motorists through a network of tolled options yada yada yada. They support toll lane widenings, basically.

So yes, they support some good stuff. But no way that I'm going to rely on yet another business transpo lobby to help deliver anything approaching Vision Zero. They are just more of our default "Yes, and" approach to regional transpo planning.

$360k in TAP funds just granted for design of 5.5 segment of Baltimore Greenway.

"So, when some people write that

Some WABA members also would like to see the District charge motorists a toll just for entering the city."

Sorry, who wrote that? Even if I just want to do some light hate-reading.

sorry, that quote should have had this link.


" Let’s try one question: Is it right for bicyclists to cut to the head of a line of cars at a stoplight, then poke along, impeding traffic?

The wrong answer could cost you a driver’s license.

(According to biker law, the correct answer is yes.)"

That's not 'biker law'. It's just the law.

The rest isn't better but that's just straight up deceptive.

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