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On Westbard Avenue in Bethesda there is "The Residences at Capital Crescent Trail."

Every single time a trail is "rebuilt" the surface of the trail is awful: uneven, wavy, and bumpy. If you would like i could offer a list and you could ride them for yourself. this is not a contestable issue.
When you get trails built for bicycle by people who dont bicycle, you get lousy trails. the NPS is a master of this: the "new" section repaved on beach drive north of military is a joke: who approved that as "smooth"? Old ladies on balloon tire three-speeds complain about it! they didnt even bother to repave the trail immediately north and under military road!! there is little care by private CAR building road businesses for anything except car infrastructure....because they have no trouble making a car street smooth! its just demoralizing -- and this goes on all the time...just ride the trail on tthe DC side approaching the 14th street bridge: this was redone last year or so- its just AWFUL.

John, did you mean this comment for some other post because it doesn't seem applicable. As for RCPT, I haven't heard any complaints about the work NPS did, but if you know of problems you should contact DDOT. There are two parts to the project, and one hasn't been done yet - and that may include the part under Military Road. I've ridden the 14th Street Bridge section and I liked it. Has anyone else had an issue with it?

I agree with John about the 14th St bridge path, assuming he's referring to the short new section that was paved last fall - the connector trail from the end of the bridge on the DC side down to East Basin Dr, near the Jefferson Memorial. I was on the trail yesterday and it's very uneven/bumpy. I would be disappointed to learn that NPS signed off on it.

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