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Back in the 90's when they did an overhaul of Key Bridge they widened the sidewalks to the comfortable width they are now. Maybe the next revamp of TR could do the same for the upstream side of TR Bridge? That would be awesome. I feel awkward whenever I ride across the bridge now and often avoid it if I can. It feels like I'm riding perched on a penny farthing above those railings.

Interesting timing for this Article since DDOT is making a presentation to ANC 2A on rehabilitation of the TR bridge, including the sidewalks. It is on Nov. 20, West End Library at 7pm.

What I don’t get is why there isn’t a sign or swing gate on the DC side of the South sidewalk warning people that there is nothing at the other end. Countless times I’ve seen what I assume are tourists at the Arlington end stuck and having to walk all the way back or brave the traffic in an unknown situation. A small gate would do wonders to stop this and still allow people who need access to still have access.

That's a great idea. I'll bring it up with DDOT.

The low barrier between the sidewalk and the vehicle lanes is by far the worst thing about crossing TR on a bike. It scares the crap out of me. It feels like it's exactly at the right height to allow you to flip over it and land in the road.

I crossed it a couple of years ago piloting a triplet (three seat tandem) with my daughter and her friend in the two other seats. We were going into DC, with the low barrier on our right. As we started across I warned them not to move or squirm or do anything weird until we got across. We rode right down the middle of the sidewalk. When we encountered oncoming bikes coming towards us, I stopped, pulled as far to the right as I could, and put both feet down until they were gone. I didn't want to attempt to ride past them. We made it without incident, but I have never crossed that bridge on the triplet again.

Good to know the reason why the downstream side just ends.

I use the upstream side in the afternoons, and it feels much more comfortable going west. You still have to be careful not to have a handlebar strike when a cyclist comes the other way, but the low guardrail at least isn't an issue.

I think I found some of the people using that desire path...
Agree with Craig that there should be some sort of gate on the south side. These poor guys (probably tourists from the CaBi's) ended up stuck between a bunch of highway roads on the VA side.

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