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Thanks for highlighting this huge opportunity. The entire area has so much excess road space, and so much development going on, that lend itself to creating an entire network of protected bike lanes to complement all the trails. The County just has to say, "Sure, why not."

I work in Crystal City. The bike infrastructure isn't bad now, but will get better with these improvements.

But by far the biggest problem is that the bike lanes in Crystal City are routinely used as temporary parking. The worst stretch is at lunch by the restaurants along Crystal Drive. In the Spring and Summer, tour buses use the lanes on Clark Street near the Hyatt as overnight parking. Delivery drivers use the lanes on Crystal Drive near the EPA building as loading zones.

Enforcement or ticketing is rare. Arlington City doesn't seem to care.

The County has started an in-house study to come up with plans to convert Crystal Dr (and other bike facilities east of Rt 1) to low-stress protected infrastructure. Yesterday, the County Board added direction to staff to present first drafts to the public and the Board by year-end, incorporate those study designs into the 1900 Crystal Drive development plans, and implement within 4 yrs


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