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Some good ideas here. One issue with the proposed connection to the Suitland Parkway trail is that I think there is a fairly steep hill dropping down to the parkway from the museum area. NPS also needs to do better maintenance on the Ft Circle trail in general, and especially in the section south of Good Hope Rd. Another place where a connection could be made is from the "main stem" of the trail in Ft DuPont Park near Ridge Rd. From the trail you can see the road at one point, and it looks like there is an old service road or ROW up to the road. Roughly in the area of the Ridge Rd community center I think.

There's room for ramp down to the parkway trail.

do you delete all comments thata link race and class to bicycle infrastructure?

I unpublish all comments that whine about the CCT pavement. In other words, all comments from you.

I ran on this trail yesterday and I am happy to report that there has been recent maintenance/improvements made. Several large trees have been clear. In some of the wet spots gravel has been added, reinforced/held in place with wood placed parallel to the trail. This seems to be a design with bikes in mind (on hiking trails rocks might be used as stepping stones instead). Water bars (anti-erosion, placed perpendicular across the trail) have been added in a few places. I did see one large tree that has not been cleared.

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