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There is something vaguely approaching a network beginning to take shape in that area, although a lot of it is substandard in my opinion. There are now traditional bike lanes on Broadbirch that aren't shown on that map (albeit rather narrow ones), and a few weeks ago traditional bike lanes were also striped on Cherry Hill from 29 to Broadbirch/Calverton (although I think that setup without buffering is not great for a road as busy as Cherry Hill is).

These two just seemed to be resurfacing opportunities to fit in bike lanes rather than seriously thinking about how to redesign the roads, though.

It's *south* on Cherry Hill (from Plum Orchard) that is the worst gap in the network around there. There's the beautiful new sidepath trail up from the UMD campus, but it only goes as far as Sellman, where it turns to head into Little Paint Branch / Beltsville commmunity center. There's simply no route to safely get up to all those high-activity centers (the shopping center, Riderwood, FDA, etc).

(Although I haven't been there since the pandemic started, so maybe a miracle has happened in the meantime?)

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