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What does "CWL" stand for?

The Takoma Branch trail you outline would be great for that part of Hampshire Knolls which has little in terms of neighborhood recreation facilities.

Another way to connect the Northwest Branch Trail to DC is to start with the Ray Road connector and 16th Avenue as you mention, but then follow Kennedy Street to the west and keep going, along the tributary. Staying along the south side of the tributary, where Kennedy Street ends there is one private lawn, but it is separated from the residence by the channel, so it might be a relatively easy acquisition for the county.

Heading west, it would be great for residents of 14th Avenue to have a trail at the bottom end of their very steep block. Between 14th Ave and Sargent Road is an overgrown channelized section that would be the most difficult section to construct.

From Sargent Road to Eastern Avenue actually looks quite easy -- all public land, and a small bridge at the Chillum Hills Park tennis courts would greatly improve pedestrian access to that facility.

At Eastern a major DC trail is planned, and Kennedy Street NE is a good on-street route west towards the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Overall I think this "connect Kennedy Street" trail option has numerous neighborhood benefits and may be the most realistic "Prince George's" connector option given how stalled the one at West Hyattsville is.

CWL = Christmas Wish List.

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