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The city of Greenbelt website indicates that construction on the trail connecting the new townhouses ("South Core") just north of Greenbelt Rd to the metro station is supposed to be underway now. However I was in the area recently and saw no evidence of work. (https://www.greenbeltmd.gov/government/departments/planning-community-development/special-projects-2832)

Regarding northward extension from the metro - there is currently a narrow paved trail that goes under the Beltway and connects to the WMATA maintenance yard. If they were to open it to the public it could provide access to Sunnyside Rd. Regarding a trail along Beaverdam Creek - I agree that it would be scenic; Beaverdam Rd provides a nice low-traffic alternative and is popular with cyclists.

As for the branch of Brandywine Creek that "points" south on this map (that is, it runs from the area near the Goddard employees-only interchange on the BW Parkway to intersection Beaverdam Creek near Beaverdam Rd just west of the BW Parkway) - it's known as Goddard Branch. The upper portion of it runs through the Greenbelt Forest Preserve, which is owned by the city and managed as a wilderness. Getting the city to sign off on a paved trail there would be a tough sell. A narrow hiking trail exists within the city boundaries.

In addition, one potential route of the proposed Maglev train would have the train emerge from underground roughly in this area. If the train is built on this corridor it will have significant impacts on Goddard Branch

Yeah, I don't think anything to the east would be built out, nor maybe should it.

Oops, Beaverdam, not Brandywine. I used to live in Northern Delaware but that still came out of left field . . .

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