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I grew up, and my parents still live, in the neighborhood at the end of your proposed trail along the stream in Calverton (I call it the Little Little Paint Branch). The ROW is tight - parts of the creek are channelized, and the section between Calverton-Galway Park and Columbia Pike is entirely on HOA common area. I know this because I proposed building a trail along that area when I was in high school and the HOA shot it down, saying it would create a "liability concern" 😩

"liability concern" - I have to give them points for creativity.

Thanks for this concept piece on linking bits of trail segments together in Eastern MoCo, PG borderlands area. The fragments really do need to be connected as E-W bike travel in this area is difficult. The extension of the Anacostia trail system along Cherry Hill road to the Little Paint Branch Beltsville community center was a good addition although it still does not appear on the Google Bike map overlay.

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