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Between Florida and Mt Olivet there is only one travel lane each direction, with parking on both sides. Are they removing parking on one side in that section? I don't see how there would be room otherwise.

The Mt Olivet PBLs are nice, especially since the Brentwood Parkway lanes are already complete. Starting to look like a network!

West Virginia Ave was not a good choice for this project. You took parking away from the people who live in this neighborhood on both sides and wrote people $150 tickets while the lane changed overnight. The neighborhood should have been allowed to vote on this project. There are streets nearby more suited to having bike lanes.

What road would have been better for creating a safe connection?

Yes, taking on-street parking away is one way to create more space for other users. Why is on-street car storage a better use?

We don't normally have people in the neighborhood vote on things like this - but I'm certain your ANC was consulted. What did they say.

I don't believe ANC represents the neighborhood interests about this issue. In the project plans they sell that there will be just 24 parking spot in front of houses lost. In reallyty there is more than that and not all the buildings around the Ave has garages or private parking spots to allocate. Just in the block of 1700 W Virginia ave there are around 32 spaces lost.

The bike lanes were a terrible idea and the residents of this neighborhood who actually live on west virginia ave. are suffering. There's little thought for those who are vulnerable or with disabilities who will have no parking because of the bike lanes. Shame on all of you.

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