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Good news that the connection may be restored! I thought it was only $2 for cyclists, but either way I don't notice much since I only use it a couple of times a year at most.

Must be an old picture because they removed the Jubal Early banner this past summer.

If it's difficult to keep ferry cables from being broken by floods, a bridge would have to be quite substantial, with a high elevation. Having lived in Cabin John and put many cycling miles on MacArthur, the single lane bridge hasn't stopped the road from being a gridlocked line of commuters for half the day. I shutter at the thought of what Whites Ferry Rd would become with a bridge. The Poolesville population would probably explode as the town would become an extension of Loudon County.

I would think that a Cabin John style bridge would move more people per hour than the ferry, so I doubt backed up traffic is a concern

I'm totally anti-bridge unless the bridge is bike/ped/transit only.

I'm glad the ferry is back even if I've only used it twice. I used it while training for and then doing this ride

Good times

I definitely don't want added auto capacity here. But the ferry is pretty wasteful (I think I've read that between the idling and the ferry itself they use quite a bit more gas. A single span bridge with a toll could be designed that didn't lead to any induced demand, while also serving everyone better. Not that I'm convinced leaders would set the toll high enough, but it COULD BE.

Any bridge would be the proverbial camel's nose under the tent.

Maybe, but Union Arch is still waiting for the camels neck, not to mention the butt.

It always feels like bad policy to make bad decision now to prevent future generations from making bad decisions later.

I heard on NPR yesterday an update, indicating that a new owner has purchased the ferry, but it might not re-start operations before the end of the year. The new owner is trying to get the state of VA to take the landing site by eminent domain.

The Virginia owner is being a real pain in the patootie.

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