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Good news that the connection may be restored! I thought it was only $2 for cyclists, but either way I don't notice much since I only use it a couple of times a year at most.

Must be an old picture because they removed the Jubal Early banner this past summer.

If it's difficult to keep ferry cables from being broken by floods, a bridge would have to be quite substantial, with a high elevation. Having lived in Cabin John and put many cycling miles on MacArthur, the single lane bridge hasn't stopped the road from being a gridlocked line of commuters for half the day. I shutter at the thought of what Whites Ferry Rd would become with a bridge. The Poolesville population would probably explode as the town would become an extension of Loudon County.

I would think that a Cabin John style bridge would move more people per hour than the ferry, so I doubt backed up traffic is a concern

I'm totally anti-bridge unless the bridge is bike/ped/transit only.

I'm glad the ferry is back even if I've only used it twice. I used it while training for and then doing this ride

Good times

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