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It would be great if they also built the MVT extension. I thought that plan had been shelved, or at least put on hibernation

The MVT extension is still shelved as far as I know, but in order to make this crossing worth a lick of spit it will need to either go under the bridge after the crossing and connect to Live Oak or follow something similar to the Blue Line to connect to one of the streets near Dead Run.

Good point. Live Oak is significantly lower than the bridge at its northern end (the trailhead for the Potomac Heritage (hiking) trail is there). I wonder if they might consider extending the trail along the Beltway to where Live Oak crosses the Beltway - the elevation is much closer there. And it would be an easy/flat ride south on Balls Hill Rd to Georgetown Pike, plus there is a trailhead for Scotts Run Nature Preserve.

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